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We provide anything from our minimum 2 hour service (£33) to a  full day, as a one off arrangement or a regular fixture to suit your needs. We offer the same high standards and rates for your home or business and flexibility is our middle name.

You will find that our standards are exceptional, However to ensure this top quality service enough time must be allocated for each task required.

We usually work in teams of 2 and occassionally more. This is to ensure our staff safety and also allows us to get though each job in a fraction of the time.eg: If you book a 5 hour job, you will have 2 members of staff working for 2.5 hours each .

We provide all our own chemicals and equipment, all of our teams use the very latest dyson ball vacuum cleaners and we are fully insured (you can view our policy by following the link on the contact us page)


We charge a flat rate of £16.50 per hour and £9 per half hour


Can I work out a rough estimate for myself?

Generally speaking the amount of bedrooms will amount to the minimum amount of hours in cleaning if you want the whole house doing to our BRONZE level.

Commercial properties are quite different for the best idea of how much it would cost you please give us a call today!

We will of course need to do a personal quote, as the number of reception rooms and bathrooms you have need to be taken into account.

More in-depth cleaning, bed linen changing, ironing and window cleaning will require more time to be allocated.

2 bed property at Bronze level =  from 2 hours / £32+

3 bed property at Bronze level = from 3 hours / £48 +

4 bed property at Bronze level = from 4 hours / £64 +

These prices will vary from property to property and depend upon whether you require all rooms

cleaning on each visit and to what level you would like each room cleaned.

We often request extra time on the first visit to get  your property upto standard. Often some tasks can then be placed onto a rota.








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